ASEAN Returns to the Spotlight

Kim Kyung-Hoon Research Associate, Samsung Economic Research Institute

ASEAN¡¯s Growing Appeal

Source: EIU; Euromonitor; UN, WUP; BP, SRWE; USGS (2012). Mineral Commodity Summaries; FAOSTAT; IMF, WEO.

Five Key Questions on ASEAN Economy

Will ASEAN become the ¡°global factory¡±?
ASEAN has a large, young and lower-cost workforce
Some ASEAN nations are business friendly
Some ASEAN nations need better infrastructure
What are the characteristics of ASEAN consumers?
Expanding middle class
Young consumers
Large Muslim market
How are overseas Chinese companies¡¯ strategies changing?
Ethnic Chinese owned firms are a major force in ASEAN
Chinese owned firms are acquiring new assets
Cooperation with mainland China is increasing
How competitive are Japanese firms in ASEAN?
Japanese companies dominate ASEAN¡¯s consumer markets
Japanese companies are very competitive in ASEAN
Japanese companies are more established in the region
What are the main concerns when entering late-comer ASEAN markets?
Underdeveloped institutions
Political instability
Lack of skilled labor and weak infrastructure

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