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Reports from SERI Quarterly, SERI's in-depth quarterly journal on the Korean and Northeast Asian economies

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  • “Korea” Nation Brand in 2012
    January 2013 “Korea” Nation Brand in 2012

    SERI’s annual survey on the nation brands of 50 countries showed that most of the top ranked countries remained highly regarded. Korea, however, showed significant improvement in its ranking for technology and modern culture, on the back of pop cultural phenomena like “Gangnam Style,” and strong sales for Samsung smartphones.

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  • US Policy Toward North Korea
    January 2013 US Policy Toward North Korea

    US policy toward North Korea is evolving as the Obama administration enters its second phase. The former policy of “strategic patience” has shifted toward more active engagement as the administration launched its “pivot to Asia.” The election of Park Geun-Hye adds another variable, with several different scenarios likely to prevail.

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  • US-China Conflicts and the Korean Peninsula
    January 2013 US-China Conflicts and the Korean Peninsula

    Both China and the US want stability on the Korean peninsula, but they often differ as to how to achieve it. China is skeptical of US attempts at containment of its influence in Asia, while the US would prefer that China be more proactive in dealing with the North. Both countries are likely to continue a pattern of conflict and cooperation on North Korea as the situation evolves.

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  • Turning Smart Complaints into Smart Advantages
    January 2013 Turning Smart Complaints into Smart Advantages

    The arrival of smart phones and tablets along with social networking services has made it easier than ever for dissatisfied consumers to organize and for complaints to spread and multiply. Smart companies, however, need not see this as a burden, and can use complaints as an opportunity to learn about consumers and develop new products.

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  • Young Businesses for an Older Generation
    January 2013 Young Businesses for an Older Generation

    Korea’s baby boomers are set to redefine retirement, presenting new opportunities for companies seeking to serve them. Baby boomers will seek new kinds of leisure and healthcare, as well as active relationships with their families and communities. Companies seeking to market anti-aging, travel, and knowledge sharing services can benefit handsomely.

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  • Global Talent War 2.0: From “Hiring” to “Utilization”
    January 2013 Global Talent War 2.0: From “Hiring” to “Utilization”

    The competition for global employees is entering a new phase that emphasizes successfully utilizing, rather than just recruiting a skilled international workforce. Korean firms looking for a successful adjustment will need to do more than just hiring, including helping foreign employees support each other and building a globalized work environment.

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  • Diagnosis of Current Economic Issues
    January 2013 Diagnosis of Current Economic Issues

    While exports helped Korea bounce back strongly from the global financial crisis, the prolonged downturn is inevitably dragging down its economy. On the external front, Korea confronts risks from the eurozone, slowing growth in China and uncertainty in the US economy, while domestically, Korea must tackle high household debt and a sagging real estate market.

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