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Technical Questions

  • Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer
    SERIWorld supports Microsoft Internet Explorer 7, 8 and 9. Internet Explorer 9 can be downloaded at the following link.
    Download Internet Explorer 9
  • Mozilla Firefox
    Mozilla Firefox
    SERIWorld supports Mozilla Firefox. Firefox can be downloaded at the following link.
    Download Mozilla Firefox
  • Windows Media Player
    Media Player
    Please install this video player to view and listen to lectures in video and PowerPoint formats.
    Download Windows Media Player
  • Adobe Reader
    Adobe Reader
    All briefs and reports can be viewed in Adobe Acrobat Reader. Please install this program to read and print out PDF documents.
    Download Acrobat Reader
  • PowerPoint Viewer
    PowerPoint Viewer
    Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer allows users to view presentation-style slides without installing the Microsoft Office Suite. Please install the viewer by clicking the icon below or on your left side.
    Download PowerPoint Viewer
  • Shockwave Player
    Shockwave Player
    Shockwave player is needed to view rich-media content including still images, video, and text. You can also access 3D content by installing this program.
    Download Shockwave Player
  • Flash Player
    Flash Player
    If you cannot view graphics or hear music on SERIWorld, you may need to install Adobe Flash. The Flash player will allow you to see Flash content.
    Download Flash Player