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  • Economic Policy Department
  • Corporate Citizenship Research Department
  • Planning & Coordination Department
  • Industry and Strategy Department I
  • Industry and Strategy Department II
  • Financial Industry and Strategy Department
  • SERI Beijing Representative Office
  • Human Resources & Organization Research Department
  • Global Studies Department
  • President's Office
  • Industry and Strategy Department III
Economic Policy Department

The Economic Policy Department presents policy guidelines and development directions on both the enterprise and government level, through accurate and up to date trend analysis and forecasting of the real and financial economy in Korea and the world. The department's research on economies, politics, society and culture addresses issues and presents suggestions in the process of policy making and national development from a private sector perspective.

Main research areas:

  • Trend analysis and forecasts for the domestic and international economy and society
  • Macroeconomic policy (including finance)
  • Industrial policy
  • Real estate and land development
  • Employment and labor
  • Social welfare
  • Society and culture
  • Climate change
  • Government reform
Corporate Citizenship Research Department

The Corporate Citizenship Research Department provides Korean companies with ideal ways to integrate contributions to society into their business model.

The department's research involves analyses of corporate social contributions and achievements at home and abroad and global trends in corporate social responsibility. The primary objectives are to identify approaches to sustainable growth by both companies and society and to explain their implications.

Planning & Coordination Department

SERI's Planning & Coordination Department manages and supports SERI's R&D activities to develop SERI as a leading research institution for the knowledge society of the 21st century. The department's activities are directed at building a creative organizational culture that maximizes the impact of SERI's research.

  • Research planning & coordination
  • Planning and coordination of research topics
  • Management of project and research services
  • Management of visiting scholars, research consulting committees, and research associations
  • Editing, publication, and distribution of reports
  • Research support
  • Data search
  • Research library operations
  • Support for drafting of reports
  • Publishing of books and periodicals
  • Management support
  • Establishment and execution of management plans
  • HR and education/training duties
  • Administration, protocol, and general affairs
  • Finance and accounting
  • External relations
Industry & Strategy Department I

Industry and Strategy Department I focuses on IT, chemicals and materials, energy, automobiles, and the biotech and health care industry. The department is specialized in analysis of new industries, demand forecasting and modeling using complex systems theory, irregular data analysis, and R&D and patent analysis. The department uses its research expertise and analysis frameworks to contribute to the competitiveness of Korean industry and enterprise by preemptively understanding core trends, issues and risk factors using field based analysis, and then presenting original solutions.

Main research areas:

  • IT
  • Chemicals and materials
  • Energy
  • Automobiles
  • Biotech and health care

Recent research directions:

  • Changes in the competition paradigm
  • Business model innovation
  • Cloud computing
  • Software
  • Industrial infrastructure
  • Life care and the environmental industry.
Industry & Strategy Department II

Industry and Strategy Department II focuses on construction & engineering, heavy industries, the hotel industry, advertising and the culture & content industries. The department specializes in new business exploration, development of mid to long term strategy, marketing, M&A, corporate finance & company evaluation, globalization and corporate governance.

The department plays a leading role in the development of strategies that increase the global competitiveness of Korean firms through convergence-oriented research from experts in diverse fields. Based on long term forecasts of the business environment and field oriented research, the department seeks to provide practical solutions for the enterprise.

Main research areas:

  • Construction & engineering, heavy industries
  • Hotel industry, advertising, culture & content
  • Business strategy
  • Marketing
  • Corporate finance
  • Globalization
  • Corporate governance
Financial Industry & Strategy Department

SERI's Financial Industry and Strategy Department analyzes major trends in the financial markets and industry, and forecasts future changes.

The Department also studies future-oriented policies for the development of the Korean economy and the financial services industry, and develops practical strategies to help the Korean financial services industry and its financial institutions boost competitiveness.

Its main research areas cover major issues in the financial services industry, including market structure, regulatory changes, and financial institutions and products.

SERI Beijing Representative Office

SERI Beijing Office is committed to becoming both a leading think tank for analysis on China and a major contributor to China's knowledge community. By providing creative and practical research about issues in China's business environment, SERI China provides business information that promotes sustainable growth, as well as up to date analysis on changes in China's business environment and practical suggestions for gaining a competitive edge.

Human Resources & Organization Research Department

SERI's Human Resources & Organization Research Department provides precedent setting research and practical consulting solutions for doing business in the global economy

Main research areas:

  • Human resources management: HR strategy, HR systems (core staff, employee evaluations, compensation, severance), organizational planning
  • Labor relations: Labor strategy, corporate culture and values, organizational diagnostics
  • Human resources development: Human resources development strategy and program/content development
  • Organizational culture: Cultural diagnostics (Samsung Culture Index), development of exceptional management case studies
Global Studies Department

SERI'S Global Studies Department rigorously tracks, analyzes, and forecasts trends in the global economy, giving business leaders a critical advantage in anticipating changes in the world economy.

The department's main research focus deals with the implications of the accelerating globalization of the economy. To this end, the Global Studies Department provides critical insights on the macroeconomy of individual countries, as well as information on international finance, and international business strategy.

Main research areas for this department include macroeconomics, international finance, foreign direct investment, regional economic issues, overseas business trends, and other issues involving the international economy, trade, and business globalization strategies.

President's Office