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Mission & Vision

Our Vision - "A Knowledge Hub for Creative Solutions"
  • Knowledge
    Provide systmatic knowledge to anticipate and understand changes in the future environment
  • Hub
    Become a center of global information exchange networks that create new knowledge
  • Creative
    Move beyond conventional thinking through a spirit of challenge that leverages
    original research topics and creative research methodology
  • Solutions
    Present policies and strategies on the economy in preparation for an increasingly interconnected economy, both in Northeast Asia and the world
Define Problems :
Preemptively set agendas to develop the community and enhance business competitiveness by thorough analysis and understanding of business problems
Define Solutions :
Move beyond standardized approaches to provide workable, long term solutions that are applicable in the field
Our Mission - To be Korea's leading provider of economic insight by building and sustaining world class resources in knowledge creation
  • 1
    Create strategies and information that enhance business competitiveness
    • Publish timely analysis on business trends and changing management conditions
    • Devise strategies for sustaining competitive advantage
  • 2
    Become Korea’s Leading Business Opinion Maker
    • Set nationwide agendas for a growing economy
    • Provide analysis on policies for an increasingly complex market
About SERI - SERI's goal is to become a cornerstone of today's knowledge society through groundbreaking, open, and field-based research that contributes to the community through provision of knowledge and information
  • 1 Groundbreaking Research
    By adopting a proactive and new
    idea oriented attitude, SERI will
    forecast changes in the environ-
    ment and upcoming trends
    while presenting new directions
    for business and the community
  • 2 Open Research
    By building an open system for
    the flow of information and
    knowledge, and by performing
    interdisciplinary research, SERI
    will build a knowledge community that both develops and circu-
    lates knowledge resources
  • 3 Field-based Research
    By seeking on the ground data
    on the economy SERI will ana-
    lyze problems and diagnose
    issues through a comprehensive
    perspective for practical eye-
    level solutions