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  • [1986~1987]
    • Jul. 1986 Established as an affiliated center of Samsung Life
    • Jul. 1986 Lim Dong-Sung inaugurated as the first president
    • Jul. 1987 Hosted SERI's first international symposium to commemorate the first anniversary of SERI
  • [1990~1994]
    Growth Era
    • Jul. 1990 Started management consulting business
    • Apr. 1991 Incorporated as Samsung Economic Research Institute
    • Dec. 1991 Launched quarterly report “Consumer Sentiment Survey”
    • Jan. 1993 Advanced into book publication and sales business by publishing “Catch One Second”
    • Sept. 1993 Established an affiliate, Samsung Earth Environment Center
    • Oct. 1993 Started “SERI Club,” a membership-based information service
    • Jul. 1994 Moved to Samsung Group headquarters
  • [1995~1997]
    • May. 1995 Choi Woo-Suk inaugurated as second president
    • Aug. 1995 Started Regional Economy Forum Launched weekly issue report, “CEO Information”
    • Feb. 1996 Held thesis award for college and graduate students to commemorate the 10th anniversary
    • Sept. 1996 Moved to Kukje Center, Yongsan, Seoul
    • Oct. 1996 Opened Internet homepage(www.seri-samsung.org)
    • Jul. 1997 Opened research & information database to the public
    • Dec. 1997 Spun-off Samsung Earth Environment Center
  • [1998~2003]
    Kore's SERI
    • Dec. 1998 Established IMF database
    • Apr. 1999 Hosted “Knowledge Management Database” symposium Established Cyber SERI Club
    • Nov. 1999 Opened knowledge portal SERI.org - Home, DB, Forum, Portal
    • Feb. 2000 Published first World Report (Changed its name to “Global Issue” on Aug. 16, 2004)
    • Sept. 2000 Opened English Web site Koreaeconomy.org (Integrated into SERIWorld.org in Nov. 2004)
    • Nov. 2000 Held “Plan for Korea-China-Japan Industrial Collaboration” symposium
    • Jan. 2001 Opened Ebitzone.org, an English-language global research service (Integrated into SERIWorld.org in Nov. 2004)
    • May. 2001 Selected as No.1 global think tank site by Alexa
    • Jul. 2001 Published 15th anniversary company history
    • Oct. 2001 Launched SERICEO.org, a knowledge service for business leaders
    • Feb. 2002 Opened SERICEO to the public
    • Mar. 2002 Held “China” symposium (in collaboration with Korea Economic Daily)
    • Sept. 2002 Cyber SERI members top 300,000
    • Nov. 2002 Held “Future of Korea's Venture Agriculture” symposium
    • Dec. 2002 Agreed with Sungkyunkwan University to jointly promote Korea General Social Survey (KGSS)
    • Jun. 2003 Hosted Korean Competitiveness, Is it Alright? Symposium
  • [2003~2005]
    • Sept. 2003 Jung Ku-Hyun inaugurated as third president
    • Nov. 2003 Hosted “Future of Korea's Venture Agriculture” symposium
    • Jun. 2004 Hosted “Role of Foreign Ownership in Financial Service Industry of Korea, Japan & China” seminar
      Hosted “International Comparison of National Values” symposium
      Hosted “Korea's Entrepreneurship” symposium
    • Sept. 2004 Opened learning site for military officers. “MKiss,” with sponsorship by the Military Mutual Aid Association
      Hosted “Financial Reform Experience in Korea and China” symposium
    • Oct. 2004 Hosted “In Pursuit of $20,000 Per Capita Income” symposium
      Hosted “Reform in Korea's Management Education” symposium
      Cyber SERI members top 850,000
      Opened customized knowledge sites (Samsung Life Insurance , Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance , Samsung Card, and Hana Bank
    • Nov. 2004 Opened SERIWorld.org, an English website for a global audience
    • Dec. 2004 Hosted “Benefits and Challenges of the Korea-Japan FTA” seminar
      Hosted “Defining the US-Korea Alliance: Economic & Security Chal-
      lenges” symposium
    • Feb. 2004 Started open research project, ‘Digital II'
    • Apr. 2004 Hosted “Challenges of 21st Century US-Korea Relationship” symposium
    • May. 2005
    • Jun. 2005 Launched SERIJapan.org. a knowledge link between Korea and Japan
      Hosted “University Reform and Pursuit of Excellence” symposium
      Hosted “Making Korea a Good Country to Live: The G10 in Y10 Project” symposium
    • Jul. 2005 SERI's Beijing office SERI China approved by Chinese government
    • Aug. 2005 Opened Six Sigma research site, SERI6sigma.org
    • Nov. 2005 Opened complexity theory site, Complexity.or.kr
  • [2006~2008]
    Seri's 20th
    Reinvent SERI
    • Jan. 2006 Redesigned SERI.org to function as an open knowledge ecosystem
      Launched revised SERI Knowledge Management System
    • Feb. 2006 Established Digital Research Center and Complex System Center
      Concluded joint research with the Japan Research Institute
    • Mar. 2006 Samsung Economy Research Institute Beijing Office (SERIChina)'s official website www.SERIChina.org opened
    • Apr. 2006 Expanded charity activities by signing a donation agreement with Community Chest Korea
    • Jun. 2006 Hosted 20th anniversary symposium “Historical Transitions in the Korean Economy and Challenges” (Reflection on the 20-year Korean economy
    • Jul. 2006 SERI's 20th anniversary
    • Sept. 2006 Launched redesigned SERIWorld.org with focus on Korea-China-Japan-Global
    • Dec. 2006 Hosted first Complexity Conference (held every December thereafter)
      SERICEO sales top 10 billion won (in subscription income)
    • Apr. 2007 Co-hosted “How to Cultivate and Develop Asian Financial Markets” seminar with National Institute for Research Advancement
    • Jul. 2007 Moved into Samsung Group' new headquarters in Gangnam, Seoul
      Hosted 21st anniversary symposium: “Renaissance of the Korean Economy: Outlook and Strategy for the Next 10 Years”
      Co-hosted “Study on Korean and Taiwanese Investment Patterns in China” symposium with Taiwan Institute of Economic Research
    • Oct. 2007 Launched SERICEO China, knowledge service for Samsung China's 1,200 executives(www.sericeo.cn)
    • Jan. 2008 Launched English-language quarterly journal SERI Quarterly
    • Mar. 2008 Expanded SERICEO China service to Samsung Group China employees(14,000 people)
    • Apr. 2008 Hosted International Korea-China forum with Sungkyunkwan University to commemorate the 15th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea and China
    • May. 2008 Held KGSS symposium on Korean's culture, leisure and quality of life
    • Jun. 2008 Held symposium to commemorate the 23th anniversary (New Financial Capitalism: New Financial Paradigm and the Global Economy)
    • Jul. 2008 Opened SERI Spark (www.serispark.org), a knowledge service for middle to upper managers
    • Sept. 2008 Held “How to Boost Korea's Renewable Energy Industry” conference
    • Oct. 2008 SERI.org members surpass 1.5 million
    • Nov. 2008 Held “Upgrading Korea into a Market Economy of Mutual Prosper-
      ity” symposium
    • Dec. 2008 Held “Global Financial Crisis and Korea's Policy Reponses” sympo-
      sium Published SERI Research Essay No. 100 issue
  • [2009~Present]
    Toward World-
    • Jan. 2009 Chung Ki-Young inaugurated as the fourth president
    • Feb. 2009 Held “Forecasting the Future” symposium with KISTEP: “Mid- to Long-Term Forecasts and Technology Strategy in Overcoming Global Financial Crisis”
    • Apr. 2009 Launched a new report series “SERI Management Notes” Published books titled “Selected SERI Reports on Business Strat-
      egies to Tide Over Economic Recession” and “Understanding the Global Financial Crisis through SERI Reports”
    • May. 2009 Launched video report series “Go Korea!” (Korean language)
      Opened website of Yonsei-SERI EU Centre (www.yonseri.org)
    • Jun. 2009 Held regular semi-annual press conference for foreign correspondents in Korea: “Outlook for Korea 's Economy in the Second Half of 2009,” Korean Peninsula Security Index
      Held “2009 Korean Economic Forum” with Joongang Daily: “Global Financial Crisis and the Korean Economy”
      Hosted the 24th anniversary symposium: “Job Creation and Strategies to Boost Employment”
    • Jul. 2009 SERI Spark members top 5,000
      Held the Business Strategy Conference for the second half of 2009
    • Aug. 2009 Published “Selected SERI Reports on Future Industries”
      Visited the Sister Village Bongwha at Hoengseong-gun
    • Sept. 2009 Jointly prepared a special series of articles with Maeil Business Newspaper titled “First Anniversary of the Global Financial Crisis: What Has Changed”
      Started Project Advisor System
      Changed system for supervising reports
    • Oct. 2009 Held a symposium titled “Three Pressing Issues Facing the Korean Economy and Policy Response in 2010”
      Won the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism Minister's award for special libraries in the 2009 Korean Public Library Operation Assessment
    • Nov. 2009 Informed China's next-generation leaders about the Korean economy and competitiveness of Samsung
      Held a press conference with Foreign Correspondents' Club members on the outlook for the Korean economy in 2010 and the results of the Korean Peninsula Security Index
      Held the fourth Complexity Conference titled “Diffusion Mechanism”
    • Dec. 2009 Conducted a major reshuffle of executives
    • Feb. 2010 Held International Symposium to Commemorate the 100th Birthday of Ho-Am Lee Byung-Chull
      Held International Conference on “Economic Impact of the Cap and Trade System in Korea and its Scale-up Strategies”
    • Mar. 2010 Held a Symposium on “International Sports Events and National Brand”
      Opened a customized SERICEO site, “Okdab CEO,” for Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
      New CEO of Nomura Research Institute visited SERIBrazilian ambassador to Korea visited SERI
    • Apr. 2010 Held a press conference to celebrate <SERICEO> surpassing 10,000 memberships
      Portuguese Foreign Minister and Portuguese ambassador to Korea visited SERI
      Japan's ALPS Electric President visited SERI
    • May. 2010 Co-hosted “2010 Korean Economic Forum” with Joongang Daily
    • Jun. 2010 Held SERI's 24th anniversary symposium titled “Market Opportunities from the Rise of Emerging Market Economies and Responses by Korea, China and Japan”
      Opened a mobile website <m.seri.org>, the first for Korean private think tank
    • Sept. 2010 SERI President Chung Ki-Young nominated to be civilian com-
      missioner of G20 Summit Preparation Committee
    • Oct. 2010 Japan-Korea Partnership Forum visited SERI
      Held a charity photo exhibition of <SERICEO> members titled “Accompany”
    • Nov. 2010 RI placed first for third consecutive year in Hankyung Newspaper's ranking of economic think tanks,
    • Dec. 2010 Held a symposium on “Post-crisis Course of the Korean Economy: Challenges and Tasks in the Next Decade”
    • Jan. 2011 Signed a Memorandum of Understanding for joint operation of SERICEO and the Chungcheongnamdo Office of Education for enhancing teachers’ competence
    • Feb. 2011 Launched the Corporate Citizenship Research Department
    • Apr. 2011 Launched the audio report service at SERI.org
    • June 2011 Held the 25th anniversary symposium “2020 Outlook for China’s Markets, Technology and Industry and Korea’s Responses”
    • July 2011 Signed an agreement with the Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business for content exchange to enhance the competitiveness of small- and-medium sized companies
    • Sept. 2011 Started SERIPro’s video content contribution to small businesses in regional areas
    • Oct. 2011 Promoted a “100 CEOs’ education contribution” campaign for the 10th anniversary of SERICEO launch
    • Nov. 2011 Opened the Samsung Learning Platform for Samsung employees

      Held a symposium entitled “2020 CHINA II: The Present and Future of Chinese Industries and Challenges to Korea’s Mainstay Industries”
    • Feb. 2012 Hosted a Yonsei-SERI EU Centre Business Forum, “Opportunities for M&A in Europe”
    • Apr. 2012 Co-hosted Korea-China forum “Review and Prospects of Korean and Chinese Economy for Cooperation and Development” with Sungkyunkwan University
    • May 2012 Signed a Memorandum of Understanding for SERI&U service contract with Woosuk University
    • June 2012 Hosted an international symposium in celebration of 26th anniversary “Fostering Top Talent in Science and Technology”
    • Sept. 2012 Hosted “Merchants Change, Markets Dream” symposium
      Spun off SERICEO Division
    • Nov. 2012 2012 Founded SERICEO Inc.
      Co-hosted a seminar “Women and Family in 2030” with Korean Women’s Development Institute
    • Dec. 2012 Launched Financial Industry and Strategy Department and Management Innovation Department
      Transferred SERICEO Inc.