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  • SERIWorld.org Basic Terms of Use

    1. 1. All materials provided on SERIWorld.org are owned by Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI), unless otherwise specified , and protected by copyright law. Users of this website shall not infringe upon the copyrights of SERI or other copyright holders.
    2. 2. If commercial and/or other profit-making purposes are sought from the materials provided by this website, a request to use the materials must first be made to SERI. Even If permission is granted and SERI materials are used, SERI's copyright ownership must be explicitly stated in accordance with the legitimate proceedings.
    3. 3. Users are allowed to link the materials provided by this website to other web sites, blogs and/or on-line communities. Again, SERI's copyright ownership must be clearly stated. If any content provided by this website is placed on web sites, blogs and/or communities via any method other than linking without prior consent, you and the on-line service provider who fails to monitor such reproduction or transmission (including public transmission and/or other acts) will be subject to legal penalties under copyright law.
    4. 4. The unauthorized modification of materials from this website is strictly prohibited if materials are posted on a third party web site, blog and/or community.
    5. 5. Users may cite materials provided by this website in accordance with fair use practices under the condition that such citation is done for the purpose of distribution, criticism and education. Even in such cases, however, only certain parts of the materials may be cited.
    6. 6. The copying, transmission, public transmission and/or distribution of materials provided by this website without the express permission of SERI will subject the user to legal provisions stipulating that the violator is to serve up to a five-year prison sentence or pay a fine of up to 50 million won, in accordance with Article 136 of the Copyright Act of Korea.
  • Copyright Policy Regarding Postings by Web-site Members

    1. 1. The copyright for any materials posted by a registered member of the website shall be held by the member. Members will not post content that infringes upon another's copyrights.
    2. 2. Any content uploaded onto the website may be exposed to search results or service promotion. They may also be modified, reproduced or edited, if necessary. In such cases, SERI will comply with the copyright law, and members reserve the right to remove, exclude from search results and/or hide content via the management function provided by the web site service.
      ※To request the removal of postings from SERIWorld.org, please e-mail seri@samsung.com
    3. 3. If a circumstance arises which constitutes a copyright infringement or violation of corporate policy and governing laws, SERI reserves the right to take action, including deleting the content, in accordance with the terms and conditions of SERI (Article 14, Chapter 4), even in the absence of a request by the copyright holder.
  • For questions and comments, please e-mail seri@samsung.com