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  1. 1. Membership questions

    Question How do I become a registered user?

    To become a registered user of the SERIWorld.org site, please complete the registration form, with the user name and password of your choice. A free registration link is available on the upper-right corner of the homepage.

    The registration form asks you to supply general information about yourself, including your name, company name, and industry, etc. In addition, you will be given the option of signing up for our e-mail newsletters. You can also sign up to receive information about our new features and events, as well as special coverage offered by SERIWorld.org.

    Question I forgot my password or username. What should I do?

    If you have problems logging in, please contact us at seri@samsung.com

    Question How do I change my personal information (including my email address)?

    Please click My account at the top of the homepage. You will be then asked to re-enter your password. Once you have done this and clicked the "Login" button, you will be taken to our User Services area. Here you can change your personal information, e-mail options, and user status.

  2. 2. Content Questions

    Question How can I get permission to obtain copies or reprints of an article, graph or other content on the SERIWorld website?

    You may obtain copies of reports or other content on the website by downloading and printing PDF files provided on the page or by using the Print link on the right-hand corner for a printer-friendly format.

    If you wish to obtain formal permission for a reprint, or for reprinting of the content in other publications, please send a request by filling out our General Questions and Comments form. In the comments/questions section of the form, please include details about the publication, if applicable, as well as specifics regarding the content you wish to reprint. SERI evaluates each request on an individual basis.

    Question How may I obtain books written by SERI researchers?

    You may order most books directly from the publisher or bookseller. Please see the Books section of the site for more information. Please note that most books are written in Korean and are not available in full-text English.

    Question I have comments and suggestions regarding your website. To whom may I direct my feedback?

    Please email us to submit your suggestions or feedback about SERIWorld.org. Your comments will be sent directly to our website administrator.

  3. 3. Technical Questions

    Question Do I need any special software or plug-ins to view this website properly?

    SERI supports Microsoft Internet Explorer (versions 7, 8 and 9) or Mozilla Firefox. The following links will take you to the necessary browsers and plug-ins needed to view the site in its entirety. If you are not currently running a browser from the list below or do not have all the listed plug-ins installed, we recommend that you first complete any necessary installations and then re-visit our website.

    Below we provide links to the most recent versions.

    Latest browser versions:

    *Microsoft Internet Explorer
    * Mozilla Firefox

    Latest plug-ins :

    *Adobe Reader
    *Windows Media Player

    Question I am trying to download a PDF file, but it is taking too much time.

    Portable Document Format (PDF) files allow computer users to view electronic documents as they would appear on paper. SERI provides research reports in this format for users who prefer to read or print the complete version of a document rather than view it as a series of Web pages. PDF files are viewed using a program called Adobe Reader. This program may have already been installed on your computer. To check, you should:

    Click on the PDF file that you would like to view.
    View the PDF file when Adobe Reader automatically displays it for you.

    If Adobe Reader does not start automatically or does not seem to be functioning properly, Adobe Reader may not be installed on your computer, it may have been installed improperly, or you may have an older version. To remedy any of these problems, please follow the steps in the PDF Help document.

  4. 4. SERI Quarterly

    Question What is SERI Quarterly?

    SERI Quarterly, launched in 2008, is the all-English, all-original content publication of Samsung Economic Research Institute. Its primary objective is to provide native expertise on the Korean and East Asian economies, businesses, industries, and policies to a wider global audience. SQ is a business journal, and its readership includes people in industry, academia and government with high practical and technical knowledge. The majority of content comes from researchers within SERI, and SQ regularly publishes a series of stories pertaining to Korean consumers, society, North Korea, and other issues.

    Question When are new SERI Quarterly issues released?

    New SQ issues are printed and released online during the first week of every January, April, July and October. In addition, SQ posts other web content on its webpage <www.seriquarterly.com> both regularly (weekly/monthly) and irregularly.

    Question Are SERI Quarterly articles peer-reviewed?

    Yes. SQ maintains a Review Board of various experts from diverse fields to review all article drafts for substance and quality prior to publication.

    Question How can I contribute articles to SERI Quarterly?
    SQ welcomes story idea proposals on a rolling basis. The proposal should be emailed to seriquarterly@samsung.com with “SQ Article Proposal” as the Subject heading as an MS Word file attachment, and include the following:
    • a. An abstract of 200 words or less;
    • b. An outlined table of contents;
    • c. An author bio of 100 words or less, including:
      • i. Educational background and degrees
      • ii. Current and past career positions
      • iii. Research/professional interests
      • iv. Recent publications
    Question What are the benefits of registering with SERI Quarterly?

    Registered individuals have full online access to all current and previous SQ issues, including downloadable PDF files and other content. Readers may also sign up to receive monthly newsletters. Institutions and libraries should send an email to seriquarterly@samsung.com to request print copies

    Question Is my personal information sold or shared with outside parties?

    SQ will not use personal information provided during registration for any purpose other than providing SQ issues and improving content. SQ does not sell subscriber information to third parties or share it with other Samsung subsidiaries.

    Question How do I change my address or update my account information?

    Please send an email to SQ with the Subject line “Address Change” or “Account Information Update” to seriquarterly@samsung.com. The changes will take effect within one full cycle.

    Question How do I cancel my subscription or stop receiving newsletters from SERI Quarterly?

    Please send an email to SQ with the Subject line “Subscription Cancellation” and/or “Newsletter Cancellation” to seriquarterly@samsung.com. The cancellation will take effect within one full cycle.

    Question Can readers write letters to SERI Quarterly editors concerning its articles and the issues discussed within?

    Yes. Readers may send emails to SQ with the Subject line “Letter to the Editor” to seriquarterly@samsung.com. SQ will review and select a limited number of letters to publish on its webpage <www.seriquarterly.com>. for the purposes of stimulating discourse. SQ reserves the right to edit all submissions for clarity, form and style.

    Question Which Romanization system does SERI Quarterly use to transliterate Korean into English?

    SQ employs both the McCune-Reischauer and Revised systems to express Korean characters in English.

    Question What if I have more questions not listed in this FAQ or would like further information?

    Please drop SQ a note at seriquarterly@samsung.com. SQ welcomes all questions and comments and will make every effort to provide feedback and/or more information within two (2) business days.