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President's Message

Chung Ki-Young President & CEO Samsung Economic Research Institute

Welcome to Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI).

Since its founding in 1986, Samsung Economic Research Institute (SERI) has provided sound answers to tough economic questions for business leaders, policymakers and opinion leaders in Korea and beyond. Today, as Korea reaches one trillion dollars in annual international trade, SERI's insights on Korea are more timely and significant than ever. With the global economy transitioning from a financial crisis to fiscal debt hangover, prospects for Korea's trade-dependent economy are increasingly uncertain. At same time, Korea's sluggish domestic market, growing household debt and increasing income polarization are threatening its status as one of the first economies to have recovered from the 2008 global financial crisis. Korea's performance in 2012 will be a bellwether for both the advanced and emerging economies of the world.

As this year unfolds, SERI will be there to bring you incisive and up-to-date insights about developments in Korea's economy, industry, finance and business management. Our expanding list of content offerings on SERIWorld includes updates in Korean security and many other ways for you to keep tabs on this leading economy in Asia.

At the same time, SERI will continue its efforts to expand its presence and reach out to more citizens of global village. Regionally, SERI is building a hub for economic knowledge networks in partnership with other institutions, through efforts like the opening of an office in Beijing and the launching of joint research centers with European Union. Our publications, including SERI Quarterly, our in-depth journal in English, will feature an increasingly multinational list of outside contributors as the fruit of such endeavors.

In research, SERI will embrace globalization even further as we expand our coverage to the fast-growing markets of Africa and Latin America. Simultaneously, SERI intends to embrace the growing global movement for corporate social responsibility by expanding our coverage of social issues. SERI has opened a new Corporate Citizenship Research Department to address this increasingly important area, and we will be bringing you more of this to SERIWorld.

SERI has exciting plans for the future, and I hope you will be with us as we bring you more insight on Korea and global economy. I hope to see you often at SERIWorld, and I thank you for your support.


Chung Ki-Young
President & CEO

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