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Capitalism as Just System

Capitalism as Just System

By BOK Koh-Ill

Published: Jan. 15, 2005

Page : 144 p.

ISBN : 8976332490

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The author explores the origin of recent antipathy towards capitalism, and asks if such antipathy is truly fair. In retrospect, Korea has achieved a rapid economic growth thanks to an active capitalism system. However, those who have benefited most from capitalism ignore their obligation to step forward and defended capitalism and economic liberalism. It is fair therefore to say unconditional antipathy towards capitalism needs to be reconsidered. Capitalism allows social prosperity and personal freedom together with efficiency. It is thus a natural and just system.

This book tries to explain such justness and efficiency of capitalism. And the author's perspective starts from the idea that the capitalism cannot be fully protected if it is not actively defended. He also takes new direction in discussing capitalism here. He introduces the recent accomplishments in biology sector to produce new insights regarding human nature.


  1. 1. The urgency of defense of capitalism
  2. 2 .The naturalness of capitalism
  3. 3 .The essence of property
  4. 4 .The justness of property right
  5. 5 .Property right and sense of morality
  6. 6 .Reciprocal altruism and moral sentiments
  7. 7 .Distributive justice
  8. 8 .The egalitarian view of justice
  9. 9 .The justness of capitalism
  10. 10. The importance of property right
  11. 11 .Institutional hypothesis
  12. 12 .Redressing injustice in property ownership
  13. 13 .The inherent threat against capitalism
  14. 14 .The alternative systems
  15. 15 .The essence of competition
  16. 16 .The path to defend capitalism
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