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China Briefings

Reports on China issued by Samsung Economic Research Institute

China Business Intelligence No. 14

China Business Intelligence No. 14

Samsung Economic Research Institute Beijing Office

Jan. 5, 2007

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I. Chinese Government Moves toward "Energy-Saving Society"

  • The National Bureau of Statistics released the 2006 First-Half National GDP Energy Consumption Communique, indicating China's energy consumption per unit of GDP rose by 0.8% in 1H 2006. Robust investment by local governments is the main reason for the increased energy use.
  • The Hu Jintao administration has advanced an idea to create an "energy-saving society." In early 2004, the government officially put forth a plan to implement the idea, whose goal was to change the prevailing economic model emphasizing growth. These policy initiatives indicate that the Chinese government's development model is undergoing substantial changes.

II. Chinese TV Makers Set up "Digital TV Patent Pool"

  • China's color TV makers, including Changhong and TCL, are set to establish a joint venture in efforts to pool patents and cooperate in developing new technologies. The eight-member organization will start operation in Shenzhen by January 2007.
  • The development of the local TV alliance implies intense technological competition in the global TV industry, as well as continuous growth for Chinese companies within the sector. The trend of forming alliances among rival businesses is expanding along with the acceleration in technological evolution and industrial adjustment. How it will fare in the future has a great implication for other Chinese industries, including mobile handsets, furniture, and textiles.
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