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China Briefings

Reports on China issued by Samsung Economic Research Institute

China Business Intelligence No. 104

China Business Intelligence No. 104

Samsung Economic Research Institute Beijing Office

Feb. 11, 2009

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I. Economy

On January 7, 2009, China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued operations licenses for 3G mobile communication technology services. Issuance of 3G licenses means that three major service providers will compete in China's mobile communications industry. Among them, only China Mobile has implemented “real” 3G business. Market share among mobile operators will depend on the variety of their content services.

II. Industry

At the end of 2008, the China Banking Regulatory Committee (CBRC) ended a ban on bank lending for mergers and acquisitions and issued risk management guidelines for the loans. The CBRC action came amid a flurry of government steps to cushion China's rapidly slowing economy. The resumption of M&A loans would bolster the overall management environment for commercial banks and enable them to strengthen investment banking services and establish a more comprehensive future management platform.

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