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China's Cache of US Treasuries and Its Effects

China's Cache of US Treasuries and Its Effects

Samsung Economic Research Institute Beijing Office

Aug. 6, 2009

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1. US Treasury Bonds Held By China

  China's huge accumulation of US Treasury bonds has transpired in four stages.

• 1st stage (1972 to early 1985): Due to lack of foreign currency and poor understanding of the US financial markets, China did not purchase US Treasury bonds.

• 2nd stage (1985 to late 1993): China began to buy US Treasury bonds but the monthly purchases were less than US$1 billion.

The US government bonds bought by China were mostly short-term.

• 3rd stage (1994 to late 1999): China's stockpile of US government bonds started to rise significantly with monthly purchases of more than US$1 billion.

•  4th stage (after 2000): China's holding of US Treasury bonds grew sharply.

- From 2001 to 2006, US Treasury bonds held by China showed an annual growth of US$78.6 billion, US$118.4 billion, US$159.0 billion, US$222.9 billion, US$310.9 billion and US$396.9 billion every year.

- At the end of 2007, China held the second-largest amount (US$477.6 billion) of US government bonds after Japan.

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