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Huawei: Development And Corporate Culture

Huawei: Development And Corporate Culture

Samsung Economic Research Institute Beijing Office

Nov. 12, 2009

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Ι.Huawei's Rapid Growth

□ Huawei, Chinese telecommunications equipment supplier, has emerged as a global company thanks to its rapid growth.

• In 2008, Huawei signed a US$23.3 billion contract and recorded US$18.3 billion in sales, ranking fourth among global telecommunications equipment suppliers.

- Amid the saturation of the 3G (third-generation) telecom market, sales of Huawei increased by 43% in 2008 while those of competitors decreased or stagnated, affected by the global financial crisis.

- According to In-Stat, market researcher, sales of global telecommunications equipment market will decline by 22% in 2009.

• Huawei secured vast sales network by maintaining cooperative ties with global telecommunications service operators.

- In 2008, overseas contracts account for 75% of all contracts, establishing Huawei as the company with the biggest overseas sales.

- It established LTE/SAE network in Oslo, Norway, for the first time in the world. It signed contracts with Telus and Bell, and established Universal Mobile Telecommunications Service and High Speed Packet Access.

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