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China’s Economic Policy in the Second Half

China’s Economic Policy in the Second Half

Samsung Economic Research Institute Beijing Office

June 8, 2010

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1. Chinese Economy

In 2009, Chinese Economic Growth surpassed 8%

□ The global financial crisis that erupted in September 2008 caused the Chinese economy to contract.

- Since China mainly owned highly stable government and corporate bonds, it experienced only limited direct impact from the financial crisis.

• However, it suffered a visible decline in exports, as it recorded a brief 20% year-on-year decrease in the early 2009.

- As the contraction of exports, one of China 's main economic drivers, reated a multiplier effect, 1 growth slowed, triggering deflation.

• In the first quarter of 2009, the growth rate was 6.1%, the lowest since the 1990s. Between February and October of 2009, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) recorded year-on-year decreases every month.


1. The total effect obtained of some economic variables, which can take place in the circular economic flow.
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