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Industry Report

Industry reports, briefs issued by Samsung Economic Research Institute

  • Community of Middle-Aged Adults
    Community of Middle-Aged Adults VOD
    PARK Sung-Bae Mar. 20, 2008
    Growing web communities for middle-aged people illustrate the viability of non-traditional online markets.
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  • Cloud Computing
    Cloud Computing VOD
    LEE Won-Hee Feb. 27, 2008
    Cloud computing, sharing networked data storage and storage of programs on multiple virtual servers, are inducing a paradigm shift in the computing environment.
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  •  Emergence of Technology Protectionism
    Emergence of Technology Protectionism VOD
    LEE Won-Hee Feb. 5, 2008
    Technological protectionism is a newly emerging means for corporations and governments to protect their proprietary technologies.
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  • CES 2008: Digital Future
    CES 2008: Digital Future VOD
    JANG Sung-Won Jan. 25, 2008
    New product introductions at CES suggest new directions in the IT industry.
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  • The State of the Art in 3D Technology
    The State of the Art in 3D Technology VOD
    JEONG Dong-Young Jan. 16, 2008
    3D technologies are bringing science fiction to life.
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  • Wag the Dog!
    Wag the Dog! VOD
    Jan. 11, 2008
    “Wag-the-dog” strategy, in which not bodies but supplies and accessories are the main source of revenues, is a way for companies to secure long-term profits.
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  • Fierce Competition in the Semiconductor and LCD markets
    Fierce Competition in the Semiconductor and LCD markets VOD
    PARK Sung-Bae Dec. 12, 2007
    Competition in the semiconductor/LCD market is fierce as new entrants vie to overtake the current leading players.
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  • Gadget of the Year
    Gadget of the Year VOD
    JEONG Dong-Young Dec. 5, 2007
    Time Magazine's Gadget of the Year shows us current trends in high-tech consumer products.
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  • Retail Industry Trends and Prospects
    Retail Industry Trends and Prospects VOD
    Nov. 23, 2007
    The retail industry is likely to pick up in 2008.
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  • IPTV
    PARK Sung-Bae Nov. 2, 2007
    IPTV has evolved into a real service offering viewers uninterrupted broadcasting services and allowing corporations new business opportunities.
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